Top Mistakes That Make A Website Less Useable

10 Feb

When looking to grow a business, having a website is very crucial. When you already have your website running, it is imperative that you also get to maintain it and that you keep track of the number of people viewing it.  A website that is easy to use will attract more users.  When a page is too difficult to operate, then you may notice that your page has fewer views or have people leaving the page much faster. There are various things that may make your website less useable. In the discussion below you will find some common mistakes that may result to your website being less usable.

The usability of the website is reduced when the areas to be clicked are less useable.  In order to have more people visiting your page, consider enlarging the clickable areas so that people will see them much easier.  When the clickable areas are less visible, then it may discourage visitors from using the page. Therefore, it would be a great idea to make your clickable bars or areas more visible or larger.

Another mistake that may make a website less useable is poor navigation.  When people wish to get to a specific part of your page and find it difficult to do so, then they would likely exit the page much faster.  If the site has poor navigation, then people are likely to exit the page much sooner.  Be sure to indicate what the page is all about and include menu and other bars that are visible and clickable.  You can also ensure that the sidebars and menu bars are functional and clearly indicate where they will navigate you to if you clicked them.

Ensure that you provide contact information for you to make your website more useable.  It would be very crucial that page viewers can get in touch with you if need be.  Contact information is crucial as it will help prospective customers or clients get in touch with you. Whenever people see that you have made an effort to have your contact information on the page, they will be likely to trust your services.  If there is no contact information, then it would be hard for people to trust your services. Click this website for more info.

When a page is difficult to read, then it becomes a challenge to use the website.  It is very crucial that you ensure that everything that pertains to the use of the page is clear including articles and bars. Use a font that is easy to read. If you want to use a decorative font, choose one will not cause users to strain while using, click here to get started! 

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